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Matcha Tea Benefits and Uses: MyClearMind

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Matcha Tea Benefits :  The Tea of Monks and Samari

America is infatuated with coffee. We get it. And if you look at the research (from places like the Mayo Clinic), it says that coffee has positive mood and cognitive characteristics and is, in some ways, good for you.  But it does have drawbacks, like increased heartburn, relaxed stomach sphincter, blood sugar surges, increased stomach acid, high blood pressure, indigestion, jittery afternoons and decreased deep (phase IV) sleep. Come to think of it, that’s quite a few things.

Coffee isn’t the only way to find a warm, relaxing cup of brain enhancement.  The option we prefer is green tea, or more specifically Matcha green tea, since Matcha tea benefits are numerous and unequaled.

At ClearMind, we are not only interested in short-term performance but in enduring, increased brain function. Lucky for us, and you, one of Matcha tea benefits is that (Camellia sinensis) makes it possible to increase your memory and cognition for the next few hours and for your whole career.  It increases focus and memory right away without the jitters that you’ll get with coffee.  After that, it has anti-oxidants (catechins) to ease the damage of free radicals, supports immune function,  helps with cardiovascular health, reduces amyloid deposits in the brain, and is a powerful fat-burner.  Not bad!

Each cup contains around 35  milligrams of caffeine, so it can replace the coffee without the headache. It still can make you smarter by blocking the sleep chemical adenosine and increasing the reward chemical, dopamine.

matcha tea benefits

Matcha Tea Benefits : Cognitive Function

Even though Matcha green tea can replace a cup of morning joe effectively, that’s not the only Matcha tea benefit. The key Matcha Tea benefits are:

  1. Increases brain function,
  2. Preserves brain cells,
  3. Decreases the jitters,

So,  Matcha green tea is substantially healthier.  You see, the Matcha tea is grown and then covered at the end of the growing cycle, increasing chlorophyll, increasing the amino acids levels, especially L-theanine that is responsible for the calming and relaxing effects. The stems and veins are removed and then ground into a fine green powder.

matcha tea benefits

Because Matcha tea is actually ingested instead of just steeped, it is even higher in antioxidants that protect your cells from damage and other healthy compounds like catechins, the most powerful being epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.  This compound fights inflammation, maintains healthy arteries, and decreases blood sugar surges (diabetes I).  Another study showed lowered cholesterol, triglyceride and improved liver and kidney damage.

matcha tea benefits

One study found that Matcha contains up to 137 times more antioxidants than China Green Tips green tea and much more than other well-known antioxidant foods. A recent study in PsychoPharmacology looked at the effects of Green tea extract on cognitive function and found that it effects a network of brain cells that are involved the sensory aspect of attention or focus.  That also includes enhancing our relationship to our surroundings.

Matcha Green Tea – Here is My Morning Drink

Where to get it?

Sencha Premium Organic Green Tea is great but I also like CCnature Ceremonial Organic Matcha.  Make sure you get either the ceremonial or premium grade because these are taken from the tops of the plant where most of the desirable compounds come.  The Culinary grade comes from lower parts of the plant and also has a more bitter taste.

How to make it?

Place ½ teaspoon of the Matcha powder in your cup and add 1 cup of water.  Then wisk it into a foam.  Add 1 tablespoon of MCT oil to increase your energy through the day.  This medium chain triglyceride oil is a tasteless version of coconut oil that is easily used by your body for energy and can even help you burn fat.

If caffeine is an issue, you can get decaffeinated Matcha from Sei Mee Tea that has been treated but still getting  95% of the catechins and antioxidants. It’s marked as an edible green tea powder instead of Matcha. Don’t drink decaf green tea because the decaf process takes all the good stuff out along with the caffeine.  Essentially, you are drinking colored water.

As you can see, drinking Matcha green tea has many benefits, and if done regularly will improve your health, increase your zest for living and lengthen your life.

Now let me know if you have tried Matcha and what it’s meant to your health?

Matcha Tea Benefits – Health is on the way!






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