Bio: Dr Don Davis – Board Certified Neurologist

Dr. Davis has worked with chronic conditions for over 30 years and is a Board Certified Neurologist. This is an additional three-year post-doctoral program in functional neurology where Dr. Davis learned the intricate relationships between the brain and its effects on chronic pain and conditions such as early dementia, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and low thyroid conditions. He has over 2000 hours of concentrated study in this specialty and doctors locally and nationally refer their most challenging patients.

don davis functional neurologistHe is a co-author of two medical text books on Alternative Medicine and Sports Medicine, along with numerous magazine articles on neuroscience, nutrition, insomnia, fatigue, thyroid issues and weight loss. In addition, he taught Neurology for several years and now frequently lectures in Southern California – some of those lectures are on our Blog/Video section.

He is trained in the latest, cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments utilizing non-drug, non-surgical therapeutics. This top functional neurologist uses focused dietary plans, targeted botanicals and lifestyle changes that compliment his extensive background in functional neurology and autoimmune conditions.

He will commonly utilize advanced laboratory testing in the areas of metabolism (thyroid and adrenal), inflammatory markers, gut profiles, allergy testing and gene assessment to put your entire health scenario into context with your symptoms. This enables Dr. Davis to offer a great deal more than just traditional care to those who seek optimal health and well being.

He is passionate about ancestral nutrition, optimal brain function, movement, and autoimmune – inflammation chemistry. He’s also interested in evolutionary biology, gut – brain neurology, sleep, biochemistry, genetic polymorphisms, inactivity physiology, consciousness, meditation, circadian biology, optimal organ function, and quantum mechanics.

His outside-work activities include cycling, tandem biking (with his wife), hiking, music (guitar and piano), gym workouts, meditation, and golf while listening to Bach on his headphones but without any attachment to the result. And oh, reads a great deal of scientific literature with a steady diet of classic literature for good measure.

He and his wife Brenda have recently moved to Ojai from the Bay Area. They are parents of two almost-adult children — Kaitlin, a Ph.D. student in Molecular Biophysics at John Hopkins, and Sebastian, an Environmental Chemistry expert and rowing coach.