Bio: Julie Freeman

Julie Freeman is a licensed integrative nutritionist with graduate education in psychology, counseling and education. Post-graduate concentration has been in functional medicine, with completion and certification in this discipline. She has over 30 years experience in the field of nutrition, counseling and health promotion.

Julie Freeman health promotion specialistShe has authored two cookbooks with a focus on balanced meals in book one and healthy, low glycemic desserts and snacks in book two. Both books are part of a series – Feel Great, Look Great. Julie has a passion and knack for creating meals that are eye-appealing, delicious and healthy. Her third book will be about total body care – skincare, colors and wardrobing, creating that polished look and feel for success. Additionally, she has worked as a model, completed teacher training and has taught courses for young women and adults, assisting them in the process of feeling great from the inside out. She has been featured on national, local and cable television and has a done video series with a major health insurance company. Julie continues to write articles for local newspapers and assists with continuing education editing.

Over the years, Julie has continued her education and maintains certifications in the Benson-Henry Mindfulness Technique, Reiki I and II and yoga. Additionally, she is in the process of completing certification in genetic testing and interpretation.

Julie uses the most advanced lab testing to assist with finding root causes of illness or lack of well-being. This may include urine, blood, stool and saliva. In combination with routine lab testing, these tests provide a more targeted approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Julie is passionate about the mind-body-spirit connection and the inter-relationship of each aspect of the person. She is also keenly interested in dovetailing the cutting edge science of genetics with the intuitive energetic wisdom that the ancient healing arts offer. Her compassionate approach to clients allows them to feel heard and held – a key in the healing process.

Outside the office, Julie loves to cycle, sing and play the guitar and entertain others over a homemade lunch or dinner. Yoga is a daily practice and she is enjoying learning to dance. She enjoys consulting to restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores in developing healthier meals, snacks and general education. She often refers to her day as life-work because there is no distinction between work and play.

Julie is a proud Mom of two wonderful daughters, Lindsay, 29 and Ashley, 21. They are both passionate about alternative healthcare and health promotion, as well as spiritual pursuits. Lindsay graduated cum laude in psychology and philosophy and now is a lead in sales and project development for Virgin Pulse, a leading online health promotion platform for industry and healthcare. Ashley is a senior at UMass with a 4.0 in psychology and philosophy as well. She is passionate about herbal medicine, alternative healing modalities for emotional and spiritual well-being. Of course, the family would not be complete without mentioning Tammie, her 14 year old shih-poo. Tammie is an energetic, fun and mischievous pup, but she is surely loved!